I was supposed to be happy


In this book, Henriksson takes the reader to a place beyond the expectations, opinions and points of view of right and wrong. This is a story about a journey to real choice, to finding what is true for you and to creating a life where the pressure is off and infinite possibilities are very real.

At 32, Lisa Henriksson had reached all her goals in life, she had a successful career, she was on her way to building a thriving business of her own, her longing to become a mother has been fulfilled twice, and behind the white picket fence she shared with the man of her dreams things were truly picture perfect. So why wasn’t she happy?

I Was Supposed to Be Happy is the story of woman’s journey battling with common themes many women face: self-judgment, living within the confines of the “approval trap” and living out of other people’s expectations.

This book is for anyone who has struggled with self-worth, is addicted to pleasing others, has struggled with the feelings of not being good while being an over-achiever; worried they are not the “perfect “ mother, or those searching for something greater then themselves.

“I realized I had invested a lot of time trying to be perfect without asking myself what I really desired.” – Lisa Henriksson

“This is not an instruction manual. My wish is that this book will inspire you to ask yourself questions about WHAT IS TRUE FOR YOU, what you really long for and what you could choose when you look beyond all of the expectations and the judgments that shape your choices today. My desire with this book and everything that I do and BE today is to create a different world – a conscious world where we are KIND, GRATEFUL, VULNERABLE and in ALLOWANCE of each other and ourselves. A world filled with more happy people. And I know it’s possible.“ – Lisa Henriksson

What people say about the book

lisa hensriksson author

"Lisa’s book and story is raw and human. It is an inspiring story of how we can face up to fear and insecurities and triumph as human beings if we are willing to shift our consciousness”

- Gopi Kallayil, Google’s Chief Evangelist for Brand Marketing

"Wow I bought this book and started to read it couldn't put it down. Had to finish it before I got to bed - so inspiring - a must read if you would like to choose happiness. What makes this books so unique is the way Lisa shares her story with the world and at the same time also give easy to use tools that you can start to use right away to choose happiness. If you choose to use the tools she shows you in the book you will start to create greater possibilities for you, and everyone around you."

- Sofie di sessa


Talk With the Author, interview on “I Was Supposed to Be Happy”
September 2015
Talk With the Author, interview on “I Was Supposed to Be Happy”

Enterprise Magazine, “Nyckeln till ett liv som är bara ditt” (in Swedish)

”The key to taking the reins of your own life”- Translated article ” Nyckeln till ett liv som är bara ditt”
October 2015
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Sveriges Radio P1, Möt Lisa Henriksson (transl. Meet Lisa Henriksson)(in Swedish)
December 2010