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Talks and classes

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602127_10151964320016950_1006236732_nSince 2010, Henriksson is an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator. She travels the world coaching and facilitating groups to accessing their knowing and awareness using the pragmatic, simple and effective tools of Access Consciousness.

"Lisa’s genuinely joyful and sparkling being were an irresistible invitation for me to attend one of her life-changing 5 Days of Transformation classes. Lisa is absolute bliss! She is one of the most generative and brilliant people I know. Her non-judgmental presence and her commitment for creating a greater world are an inspiration. Lisa has a beautiful uncanny way of facilitating change and she is a rare cocktail of joy, kindness, power, sensuality, vulnerability and presence. If you want to stop doing happy and instead start being happy, Lisa is your Wonder Woman!"

– Henrika Tonder, CFMW, Creator of Change

"I am deeply impressed by how Lisa shows up as a happy and authentic human being in this world. I am impressed by how committed she is to transforming herself inside out. And most importantly for wanting to be a mentor, guide, and fellow traveler to anyone who wants to embark on that positive journey."

– Gopi Kallayil, Google's Chief Evangelist for Brand Marketing


  • Here are some examples of talks that Lisa happily delivers.
    • Being you - Being happy?!
    • Perfection – the disease of a nation

"Lisa’s positivism is striking! And – I think she is on to something big."

– Hans-Olov Öberg, Founder of the Publishing Company Kalla Kulor

Lisas talk ” I Was Supposed To Be Happy” won a price as ”No. 1 news of the year” at Allt för Hälsan 2014” (Stockholm Wellness Exhibition)

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